Take new employees on a smooth and successful onboarding journey beginning the moment they are appointed, using the interactive mobile Onboarding App with a difference.

Did you know?

that a well-onboarded employee will be longer serving and more engaged, more productive and happier from the outset? Created by leading internal communications agency Headlines, this bespoke app will give new employees the best possible first impression of your company and support you in offering the most compelling and engaging onboarding process. As a leading employee engagement expert, with 20 years’ experience of engaging employees at some of the world’s biggest companies, Headlines is the best-placed provider to tailor the perfect onboarding process for your business.

Download our infographic on onboarding for engagement here.

Oxford Economics found that on average workers take 28 weeks to reach optimum productivity. This has an attached cost of £25,181 per employee.

The most common action taken (by 45% of companies) to improve retention is improving the induction process (CIPD).

According to Bersin by Deloitte 79% of business leaders see the process of immersing employees into their roles and the organisation’s culture as an urgent and important priority.

Replacing employees who leave can cost up to 150% of the employee’s salary (Engage for Success).


Wondering what your bespoke app might look like? Click the video for a glimpse at an example . . .


  • Engages employees from day dot
  • Support from Headlines’ internal communications and engagement experts includes strategic advice, copy creation/editing and video creation
  • One-stop-shop placing all the information a new employee needs at their fingertips, 24/7
  • Exciting, interactive design means employees are happy to log on in their own time
  • The perfect marriage between HR and internal communications
  • Available to download on Andriod and iOS mobile devices and tablets, plus laptops


  • Introduces your company’s unique culture, values and priorities
  • Personalised features may include: directions to the office for your employees; a virtual tour around your site; a welcome video message from your CEO; vox pops from colleagues about what it’s like to work for your company; training materials and HR policies and forms


  • Fast-track engagement. Waste no time – maximise your relationship with new starters and engage them from the moment of appointment
  • Create a lasting first impression
  • Employees feel valued
  • Encourage job satisfaction and commitment from the outset
  • Employees reach optimum productivity quicker than ever before
  • Onboarding journey continues until their six-month anniversary


Give employees quick, easy access to forms at any time of the day and from wherever they are based.

Forms and documents completed and submitted all together in one place, saving time for employees, managers and HR


Monitor training progress

Gamification can ensure all content is understood and can reinforce key messages

Monitor and review each stage of the onboarding process

Video content can bring training, including health and safety, to life


Quarterly analytics reports and expert recommendations

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